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HCO celebrates new arrival!

Posted on August 22, 2013.

HCO has celebrated a new arrival with the birth of a beautiful daughter to our financial accountant Laxman Dommati! Named Vashtaveka, meaning "a lady who always speaks the truth", the happy news was celebrated and a great night had by all at the baby cradle function (Baarsala) held at Marhaba Restaurant in Al Khobar.

The ceremony included a traditional blessing for the baby to bestow her with good health and a good life. Performing this ritual during the baby naming ceremony will help to make her life prosperous and happy. The whole thing was presided over by a master of ceremonies in the guise of company executive secretary Josh, followed by a delicious dinner served for the whole of HCO.

Pictured below are the HCO staff and Laxman can be seen, alongside his wife, in the center of the front row proudly holding his new bundle of joy!

HCO staff at ceremony